Welcome to Tepel Brothers Printing Co.

We thank you for visiting our website today and invite you to look around. You may notice that we like to take a personal approach with clients, associates and workers and we want you to feel like a welcomed visitor whose relationship is just as important to us.

ABOUT This is the section you’re in now. You can read the HISTORY section about how we started the company back in 1989 – yes, there really were two brothers – and about the many times we’ve been recognized by our peers in the AWARDS area. The FEEDBACK section features comments and letters we’ve received. You might compare it to Facebook “likes” or five-star ratings in the app store. Either way, it gives you a good idea what people are saying about us.

HOME Our home page features the very cool and colorful swatch book. Clicking on any one of the swatches brings you to the featured pages. These are some specific areas that we feel set us apart; the things that make us different.

DEPARTMENTS We have become a nationally recognized printing company for many reasons, but we realize key among them is our continuous investment in the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment. This, combined with our wide range of sizes and capabilities has set us apart from others in our industry. What we mean by that is we run six different presses that start in our digital department for small runs and variable data and go all the way through to our 41” Heidelbergs with full in-line UV for long runs and high-impact print contrast. From mailers to packaging to award-winning marketing pieces, we have the right machine for each particular job. This saves our customers time and especially money, pleasing them greatly. Check out our extensive EQUIPMENT LIST and you’ll see what we mean. We should also add that we employ highly skilled craftsmen and women to work in our manufacturing departments. They take great pride in working at our facilities on the best equipment in the world. And, we take great pride in working with them. Our mutually beneficial relationship stems from respect for the craft and respect for each other.

IDEAS Please see the ideas tab in the upper right corner. We think of this section as an idea generator; a place for artists, designers, or anybody, really, to see the latest print techniques. We’ll show you some of our favorite printed pieces and tell you why we love them. We add new ideas regularly so come back and visit often.

The CLIENT FTP connects directly to our prepress department for uploading art files. Your sales rep can furnish the password on request.

CONTACT We saved the best for last. It’s probably the most important section of our website; the place where you can go to find the best way to reach us. We’d appreciate it if you’d contact us and give us a chance to get to know you better.

We look forward to hearing from you.